Top 5 mistakes to avoid with Facebook Marketplace

Top 5 mistakes to avoid with Facebook Marketplace

David Mortaz

CEO, Binge.Ai Corp

Facebook Marketplace for Automotive category has already made significant inroads among US based Franchise dealers.  More and more dealers are relying on Facebook Marketplace which provide much richer content and engagement options for Car Shoppers.  

With that in mind, I wanted to share Top 5 mistakes to avoid with Facebook Marketplace Shoppers:


“Not every hello, leads to a date”


Engagement:  Imagine walking into Macy’s and asking to try on a suite you saw at the window, only to be told that you should leave your Full Name, Email, Cell Phone and someone will get back to you tomorrow!!   That’s absurd if that’s your engagement model with Facebook Marketplace Shoppers.  

But ironically, that’s how majority of the dealerships are engaging with inquires from Facebook Marketplace!    The Live Agents constantly pepper the Car Shoppers for Email, Cell phone.  

61% of shoppers prefer to do business with brands they can message!  Insisting on terms of engagment that fit your plans vs your Marketplace Shoppers is not a wise move


Speed – If you are not able to respond to Shopper’s inquiries from Facebook Marketplace within few seconds, the shopper would be long gone.   

These shopper are searching for a specific Model and have probably messaged a few other Sellers as well.    The sooner you engage these Shopper with relevant content, the better your opportunity to engage them.



Pricing – Cars that are overpriced will not attract shoppers.  So if your dealership is focused on Gross Margins, then you might want to consider a different strategy for Facebook Marketplace listings. 

VIN decoding is an integral part of Facebook Marketplace which results in displaying the Car’s Features along with Kelly Blue Book Value.  If majority of your inventory is shown over-priced, it would not appeal to In-Market Shoppers despite the fact that you might be willing to negotiate aggressively.


Product Specialist  –   We recommend using Product Specialists when engaging with Car Shoppers.  Sales and Management Titles are far too intimidating at these early stages of engagement where the Car Shopper just wants to know if the car is available.  So avoid using them with Facebook Marketplace Car shoppers.


Live Chat:  You must offer Live Chat option with a member of the Sales Team at the dealership who can provide reliable information to the Car Shopper.   

Also, keep track of how quickly your team responds to Live Chat requests and develop an esclatoin protocol to route these request if the designated Reps are not responding within 3-5 minutes.


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