Below are some of the Solutions we are offering to our Automotive Clients:

Used Car Chat BOT

We offer a Ai ChatBOT for Used Cars that will allow in-Market Car Buyers to search by Budget, Car Type, Car Make, Car Model, Car Year and Price.

Service Growth

We combine car ownership data from Facebook with your CRM’s In-Equity data to create additional CPO and Service revenues.

Trade-In Chat BOT

We use our Ai ChatBOT to reach your existing customers on SMS to offer to buy back their car.  if the owners ask for a Trade-In offer, our Ai ChatBOT will generate an offer and display it to them with the option to book a Car Inspection Appointment.

Reputation Management

We help dealers develop Alert responses on Medallia in addition to reputation management strategy for Social Media including Yelp and Facebook.

Custom Campaigns

We can develop custom campaigns to include you own existing customers along with filters on Income, Job Title to laser focus on your intended target audience.

Lease Retention ChatBOT

Similar to the Trade-In ChatBOT, our Lease Retention BOT will  engage your existing customers with the option to renew their lease.  We can build unique conversations around Lease Renewal, Purchase and Returns.

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