Binge Defense

Asset Liquidation

Our Ai Assistant can be utilized for marketing excess inventory of Federal, State and local agencies.  

Emergency Broadcast

Our Ai Assistant can be utilized for mass broadcast of disaster notifications and respond to inquiries from citizens to guide them to safe locations. 

Image Classification

We have the capability to train our Ai Assistant to recognize images for classificaitons.   Application could be for processing medical, geolocation and other images. 

Pattern Recognition

We are training Ai model to recognize patterns in images to determine and predict outcomes using Ai and Machine Learning.

Facebook Marketplace

We are one of the few Marketplace Partners in US and can publish your inventory nightly to Facebook Marketplace.   You also have the option to use our Ai Sales Assistant to respond to these inquiries.

Asset Visibility

Similar to our other Ai Assistants, we develop Ai Assistants to surface assets which could be Staff, Doctors, Resources, Hospital Beds ….etc.  Using Natural Language Search DOD and other agencies can search for Assets and Reserve them without any humane interaction. 

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