Top 7 reasons why shoppers will not respond to Facebook Marketplace sellers

David Mortaz

CEO, Binge.Ai Corp

I routinely spot questions from frustrated Facebook Marketplace sellers wondering why Shoppers are not responding to their attempts to reach them.   These posts often appears on other social media platforms such as Quora.

In fact, one post was wondering if the shoppers are ‘flakes’ or ‘no shows’!   It’s starting the obvious that there are massive number of fake accounts given the sheer size of the Facebook Marketplace users which has top 2 billion. 




Attitude goes a long way to success of your connections with buyers.  After all you are leaving a lasting 1st impression that could kill or improve your change of closing the transaction.   

We coach your clients Product Specialist to be positive even at the face of repeated questions.   One of them had responded to the 2nd question on financing a Car Purchase with “I don’t know, I am NOT a bank”!? 

Your guess is as good as ours how that conversation ended and there was no chance of saving that sales.

Too Slow to Respond

If you are not able to respond to Shopper’s inquiries from Facebook Marketplace within few minutes, the shopper would be long gone.  When dealing with online marketplaces, no one has well tested patience.  

These shopper are searching for a specific Model and have probably messaged a few other Sellers as well.    The sooner you engage these Shopper with relevant content, the better your opportunity to engage them.



High Price 

Cars that are overpriced will not attract shoppers.  So if your prices are higher than similar items on Facebook Marketplace, you are leaving no reason for the shopper who had reached you to continue with the conversation. 

Price competition is integral part of a Marketplace and if you do not plan to be competitive in pricing, your long term success in a large marketplace like Facebook will be hard.

In case of Automotive Vertical, Facebook displays the Kelly Blue Book value of the car.  So car shoppers can easily tell if a specific is over-priced or not. 


Poor Engagement

Just responding “Ya” to the question about “is this still available”, does not appear to be an invitation to a conversation about the item you are selling.

 People love stories, so share your experience with the item you are selling and why you are looking for a new home for it.

Give the buyers more than what they are asking for and invite them to ask questions by offering to answer all their questions.

 In our case, when car shoppers ask ANY question, we publish 8 photos and history of the car  along with answering their questions with our Ai Assistant.

Safety Concerns

Suggest and agree to meet in a public and safe place like a Bank Lobby. They are very easy to find and if the transaction is cash, you can deposit the funds to make sure the bills are NOT printed on an HP printer.

If you do not feel comfortable meeting the other party alone, take someone with you.  There is strength in numbers.



No Live Chat

You must offer Live Chat option with a member of the Sales Team at the dealership who can provide reliable information to the Car Shopper.   

Also, keep track of how quickly your team responds to Live Chat requests and develop an esclatoin protocol to route these request if the designated Reps are not responding within 3-5 minutes.



If buyer expresses an interest in meeting you, offer them the Calendar option from Facebook Messenger and trigger the reminder after getting their consent. 

Send them a reminder a day before your meeting time and one more within an hour to make sure you will not be left stranded.  



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