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Top 5 reasons to optimize Google Business Profile

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Google Business Profile optimization offers a variety of benefits to businesses of all sizes. A Google Business Profile is a free piece of online real estate that allows businesses to share information about their products and services and also to interact with their customers. By optimizing your Google Business Profile, you can improve your visibility on Google Maps, increase your presence in local search results, and attract new customers. 


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“Not every hello, leads to a date”
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2.  Direct Messaging:  Customers can message your business directly from your Google Profile.   This is a huge benefit without spending a dime on the development or support of implementing a Direct-to-Consumer messaging platform.


1.  Discovery – For starters, optimizing your Google Business Profile will help you to appear in more local search results. Google Maps is an important factor in local search results and by optimizing your profile you can help ensure that your business appears in these results. This will make it easier for potential customers to find your business and get directions to it.


3.  Publishing Options – Creating a Google Business Profile offers you the option to publish posts about your offerings.   These offerings can be New Update, Offers, and Events.  Events can include announcements about the Grand Opening of a new location, or a Live Broadcast you plant to host to engage shoppers.


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5.  Sales Title backlash  –   We are seeing much better engagement and conversations when our clients talk to Car Shoppers.    Sales and Management Titles are far too intimidating at these early stages of engagement where the Car Shopper just wants to know if the car is available.  So avoid using them with Facebook Marketplace Car shoppers.

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4.  Live Chat:  Live Chat option is on the most critical offerings to help car shoppers engage with the dealerships.   The option should connect the shopper with a Sales or Finance staff who know something about the car that was subject of that inquiry. 

Confusing  LIVE Chat with a pure lead gen is a critical mistake. member of the Sales Team at the dealership who can provide reliable information to the Car Shopper.   

Also, keep track of how quickly your team responds to Live Chat requests and develop an esclatoin protocol to route these request if the designated Reps are not responding within 3-5 minutes.


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