Digital Marketing Solutions

Facebook Marketing Partner

Facebook Marketplace

We market inventory with Facebook Marketplace and integrate our Ai-ChatBOT to respond to the contact requests.

Social Engagement Training

We train your customer-facing teams on social engagement which is very different that lead-generation.  We are convinvced that one-cilck does not make a lasting customer and every opportnity to engage with a customer is a chance to build equity with them.  

Instagram Logo


We help your reach millions of eyeballs who visit Instagram daily and engage them with Ai Assistant when they respond to your promotions. 

Reputation Management

We train your customer facing teams on Social Engagement and the value of creating equity with every customer encounter.   Using Medallia we create a customer response strategy to help create the right impression for your brand and company.

WhatsApp Marketing

Respond to customer inquires in WhatsApp and book appointments during Covid-19 crisis. 

CRM Integration

This is an optional solution where we integrated leads generated from Facebook ads into your CRM.