It’s a small word that carries big weight.

But what does it really mean, and do you have enough of it to use for paid promotion?

Basically, it’s just an all-encompassing word for the variety of tactics marketers can use to reach their target audiences.

Broken down, courtesy of the Content Marketing Institute:

B2B Content Marketing Tactic Usage via the Content Marketing Institute, 2015

B2C Content Marketing Tactic Usage via the Content Marketing Institute, 2015

That’s a lot of content!

You may not have even considered some of these as available options for your content funnel.

Or maybe you didn’t realize how effective they were.

Effectiveness Ratings for B2B Content Tactics via the Content Marketing Institute, 2015

Effectiveness Ratings for B2C Content Tactics via the Content Marketing Institute, 2015

In any case, we decided to focus in on 3 of the easier, text-light tactics you can use to create the assets you’ll need for promoting amazing content.

Because writing is hard and people like interactive / engaging content.

Content that will bring your prospect from awareness to purchase.

Because it’s all about the ROI, right?

Webinar Content

We produce webinar content all the time.

We even wrote an article for Unbounce on how it has been such an amazing tactic as a part of our retention strategy.

Don’t get me wrong, creating consistent, relevant and killer webinars is a lot of hard work.

But for the purpose of this article, you can focus on using already available assets to create and promote webinars aimed at generating new audiences.

If you consider your webinar as a PowerPoint Presentation on crack, it’ll become easier for you to reach into your back pocket and produce something of value to new audiences.

Internally, you probably have tons of presentations. Once in their prime, and now collecting dust in your archives (hopefully not), think about all of the content you are sitting on:

  • Proposals

  • Plans

  • Reports

  • Research

  • Forecasts

  • Statistics

  • Audits

  • Data Insights

Each of these presentations holds valuable, persuasive, and well-communicated messages that have been designed to make an impact within the organization.

Take the time to go through, identify key elements, weave a theme, and repurpose what you have highlighted as a webinar topic that matters to the audience you are after.

Then you can use a platform like GoToWebinar to host it (which we use).

Currently, you can enter your email for a 30-day free trial.

GoToWebinar Dashboard

Now that you’ve got it, how do you promote it?

Well, after you’ve ironed out all of the details, you can create a dedicated landing page featuring all of the amazing content you’ll cover.

Most importantly, you’ll want to communicate what the value proposition is to those who might be interested in joining.

Video Content

Video is set to account for 69% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017.

Given how effective video has been as a marketing tactic, it certainly doesn’t come as a surprise but are you doing enough to get eyes on your video content?

Chances are, you probably have video content laying around. You might even have a YouTube channel that you’ve worked really hard to build a subscriber base on.

But, video is a long-term game, and you have to stay consistent.

Take Lord & Taylor, for example, a huge fashion brand:

They hosted these amazing trends videos on their YouTube channel last year that currently have little to no views.

Lord & Taylor Trend Videos on YouTube

The content was well-produced, they were timely, short in length, and even labeled properly to increase searchability on YouTube.

Why didn’t they gain traction or even go viral?

Unfortunately, there was just no content promotion involved.

Not only have they discontinued the video series, but all of that great content will never get the love it deserved because trends move fast in fashion and the brand didn’t capitalize on that.

Don’t make this epic mistake!

That’s not to say, though, that you can’t give your older video content new life.

Evergreen content can always be promoted, as its ability to provide value isn’t limited by time or trend.

Start by identifying evergreen content, or looking into your video analytics for what hasn’t had enough opportunity for play time.

You could even add new videos as updates to a playlist on YouTube. That way, people can watch the evolution of a certain topic as curated by your brand.

Online Presentations

If you want to do even more with your PowerPoint presentations, you could also turn them into another effective format. SlideShare anyone?

Check out these combos:

  • PowerPoint → SlideShare
  • Webinar → SlideShare
  • PowerPoint presentation → Webinar → SlideShare

While not highlighted on Content Marketing Institute’s list above, these are still a great way to add value to your audience, and increase engagement with your content.

Used heavily among the professional community, you can start fresh or repurpose what you have.

Ann Handley SlideShare, Content Promotion Example

The strength of SlideShare is in your ability to create a linear experience, add links or smart CTAs on particular slides, as well as embed the media into your blog posts.

Talk about enriching the content experience.

Also, did you notice this new feature…

SlideShare Clipped Featured

Think of all of the great content you could curate and promote right from your SlideShare account.

If you’re are looking to create something a little different or are in the market for a new tool, Roojoom lets you create personal content journeys across the customer life-cycle.

Think SlideShare, but way more interactive.

Roojoom as a Content Promotion Tactic Aggregate content from all over the place, including web pages, online videos, presentations, PDFs and more.

Basically, every tactic we’ve discussed until this point, you could use as a part of a Roojoom.

Scroll through, or search some of the amazing Roojoom’s already created for some awesome inspiration on engaging content, that when promoted correctly, lead to conversions.

The Power of Content Promotion

All content has power.

Some forms of content have been proven more effective while others maybe haven’t had the chance to spread their wings and fly.

By creating content big and small, new or repurposed, you can breathe new life into it by sharing it with new audiences through the power of content promotion.

Because content isn’t valuable unless people are able to draw value from it.

If your online audience has no idea how or where to do that, you take the power of content away.

You don’t want to be “that guy” (or gal), do you?

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