7 Facebook Ad Tips That Will Help Improve Conversions | Social Media TodayIt’s no secret that paid advertising is becoming an essential part of business social media campaigns. And if you’ve dabbled in paid advertising, you’ve no doubt come to realize that composing the perfect Facebook advert takes time and practice. Every ad is different, every audience has different needs, but if you want to start improving your conversion rates and begin lowering your cost-per-clicks then read on for some key tips.

1. Know your audience

Your first port of call needs to be the creation of marketing personas to target the needs of your customers. Relevance is the key to success, and the audience you choose will affect how much you pay.

There are a tonne of audience options available – from demographics (such as parents with adult children) to behaviors (people who connect to Facebook through an android device) – and then, of course, you can target your adverts based on interests.

2. Be consistent

Your tone, branding, and images need to match the message on your adverts landing page. If you’re promoting blue widgets and your Facebook advert says you have 30% off blue widgets, then that’s what people will be expecting from your landing page. All too often great adverts are let down by not choosing the most relevant landing page on your website.

3. Use professional images

A study from HubSpot found that content with relevant images can receive up to 94% more views than content without. When it comes to choosing that perfect image, you can use professional stock images, or as shown in the example below, you can use a tool like Canva to create a branded illustration.

7 Facebook Ad Tips That Will Help Improve Conversions | Social Media Today

Not only will good quality images help your advert look professional, but they’ll also help to improve your advert’s Relevance Score.

4. Point your audience in the right direction

No good advert is complete without a clear call to action. Having a well-designed advert with a strong call to action will not only help to increase conversions, but it’ll make your advert stand out from the crowd and get a better click-through rate. Studies have shown that the inclusion of a call to action button can improve click-through rates by up to 3x the average.

7 Facebook Ad Tips That Will Help Improve Conversions | Social Media Today

Your call to action gently nudges the reader towards decision making by informing them what the outcome will be – without it, your reader is lost.

5. Schedule adverts

To get maximum impact for your advertising you should be scheduling your adverts to appeal to your audience. Looking to get more customers into your restaurant? Plan for your ads to appear at key times such as lunchtime, mid-afternoon and early evening when Facebook activity is high.

6. Learn from insights

As with any form of paid advertising, data is your friend. Learning from insights will help you to look back at campaigns to see what worked for you – and more importantly, what didn’t. From working out which age groups respond the best to your adverts to looking at which placements work for your products, Insights is a powerful tool that can help you get the most from your marketing budget.

7. Always Be Testing

One of the old adages of paid marketing rings true for Facebook, and that is ‘Always Be Testing‘. Take the information gleaned from above and apply it to different ads.

Other elements you can test include interest, location, age, URL content, post content… the list goes on. Luckily, one of Facebook Advertising’s neat features is that you can easily duplicate ads and make slight tweaks. It may seem like a long process and take time and effort, but in the end, when your cost-per-click prices come down and your conversion rates increase, it’ll all be worth it.

Have you seen any examples of Facebook ads that work for you? Or do you have any of your own tips? Share below, we’d love to hear what you think.

Main image via Shutterstock

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