Any Business Can Be Social: Here’s How | Social Media TodayIn a recent blog on Social Media Today, the author argues that not all organizations should embrace social media particularly those industries that are not “social-friendly.” He offered an example of a mental health care provider who likely won’t have their content shared because it’s personal in nature. I disagree. Sharing content is just one piece of the puzzle and I don’t think this is a reason to avoid social media. In fact, I would argue it’s a reason FOR using it.

First, this will be a space not yet saturated by competitors, furthering the opportunity to become a leader in the industry. Second, content doesn’t have to be shared to be useful. The content is still valuable to the current patients! Offering relevant and insightful information enhances trust! Additionally, blog content is indexed by Google. If someone is searching for a solution to their health challenge, it’s possible to stumble upon the content and even prompt someone to contact the provider.

Similarly, I often hear people say that their industry is too boring for social media. I don’t care if you work in logistics, construction, commercial real estate, banking, health care or HVAC – any type of business can be social. I know because we work with ALL these industries right now.

The first step to becoming social-friendly is to generate buzz and attract attention. Social media is designed by nature to be…social! So let’s get the people involved!

Here’s an example from our client, Horst Construction. We call these weekly spotlights ‘Talent Tuesdays’ and offer a snippet of information about the company employee. This post reached 767 people and received over 30 interactions (likes/comments/shares). Not bad for a fan page that has a little less than 300 fans!

Any Business Can Be Social: Here’s How | Social Media Today

You’ve heard me say this many, many times – what makes social media work is the human element.

Here’s an example form our client, Heritage Hospice. It’s a simple Throw Back Thursday, but it was one of the most engaging posts in the past six months reaching 686 people with 45 interactions.

Any Business Can Be Social: Here’s How | Social Media Today

If you’re looking for engagement, look no further than contests – we can’t get enough of them.

Last month, we ran a contest for our client, A.C. Rimmer, encouraging the audience to share a photo of their ‘ugly furnace’ for the chance to win a new one. We boosted this post for $10 to their fans and friends of fans. It reached over 5,000 people with 126 interactions! (These interactions included 34 shares, which is nearly unbelievable for a small HVAC company in Central Pennsylvania). The post also received 70 clicks to the blog with contest details.

Any Business Can Be Social: Here’s How | Social Media Today

This final example is a contest held by our client, Kane Is Able, a logistics company. The post reached over 3,000 people with 172 interactions (100 were guesses)!

Any Business Can Be Social: Here’s How | Social Media Today

Humanizing and holding contests are just two examples of how a business can expand their reach and increase engagement – no matter what industry. And Facebook is just one channel to share the message, there are dozens of other ways to expand your social reach and dozens of other channels to engage the audience, but this should get you started.

It’s time to re-frame how we think about social media and stop limiting its power to magnetic industries.

Main image via Miss Ty / Shutterstock

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