Advances in technology have lead to a massive increase in connectivity via social media platforms and teens are flocking to these sites, ready to exchange information.

But do you know what information your children are sharing on their social media accounts?

More importantly, do you know who can see it?

Few children think about the consequences of their personal information falling into the hands of the wrong people, which can be a big problem, especially when you consider that 82% of cyber stalkers use social media to find out information about potential victims – where they live and what school they attend.

Numbers like this would make any parent concerned.

But, unfortunately it’s becoming more and more difficult for parents to moderate the information their children are sharing online.

Why? Because teens employ a number of different techniques to hide their digital tracks from their parents, including altering privacy settings and using communication codes to disguise their behaviors.

To help explore this topic further, the team at Rawhide Boys Ranch has put together an infographic showing the common ways teens are hiding their online behavior, the information they’re sharing and the ways they’re leaving themselves exposed to online predators.

You can find more information here.

Parents, Are You Aware of What Information Your Kids are Sharing Online? [Infographic]This post originally appeared on Irfan Ahmad’s blog

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