Meet Luna

Ai Chat Bot for Retail & Service

Loyalty Program

With Luna, you will have integrated loyalty Coupons that can be used to promote Appointments.  The Coupon is emailed to the In-Market Car buyers once they book an appointment.   Another email in ADF format is sent to the CRM of the Dealership.

Text & Email Notification

With Luna our AI-Enable ChatBOT, you will be able to send SMS/Messenger and alerts to as all your Sales and Support staff. For instance, when a customer books an appointment, Luna will forward an email in the ADF format to your CRM.

Google Assistant Integration

With Luna our platform comes with pre-built integration with Google Assistant which will affords us the flexibility to forward certain request like Direction, Weather and others to Google Assistant.

Multi Lingual (Spanish)

Our Ai-Enabled Chat BOT Luna is quite the talker.  She speaks English and Spanish.  We have launched the Spanish to support the fastest growing demographics of buyers in US market.  But we can also add other languages to support your local markets.

Price Drop Alerts

With Luna we offer your buyers Price Drop Alerts that when the price of a specific item they are interested in buying drops, they would receive Messenger Notification with an option to book an appointment.

Amazon Alexa Skill 

With have developed the Skills require for Alexa to allow the ChatBOT to be triggered using Alexa Devices. Sample supported queries are :  “Alexa, open Binge and find the cheapest 2017 Toyota Camry in Red color”?

Book appointments w Reminders

Luna our Ai-Enabled Chat BOT can book appointments to bring customers to your show room.  These appointments offer the Buyers reminder options.

Ai-Enabled Search

We have trained Luna to understand Natural Language supporting Greetings along with searches like “Any Red Cars”?   “Any SUVs under $15,000”?


Utilizing SMS integration, we use Luna to engage your existing customers to offer them unique promotions.

Lease Pull-Ahead

We build custom conversations to help you make unique offers to your lease holders.

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