Used Car Messenger BOT powered by AdSparks.co

I drank the Facebook Cool-Aide in 2014 when I was consulting at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park. Facebook has a unique program called DogFooding that offers each employee $250 of monthly Ad Credit for trying Facebook Ads. And it worked.

I was hooked after realizing the power of Targeting and Reach of Facebook Ads.  I fell in love with the power of using Big Data using Geo Targeting, Demographics and Interest.  I was inspired to fund AdSpark.co to market Facebook Ads to Automotive & Hospitality verticals. And today, AdSparks.co launched our 1st AI Based Facebook Messenger BOT for Automotive Vertical. This BOT helps Tier 3 Franchise Dealers market their Used Cars to In-Market car buyers. Our own small sample research proved to us that 2/3 of the car buyers who responded to AdSparks.co’s Facebook Ads want to be contacted via SMS/Text when they request an appointment for a Test Drive.

The upshot is that this BOT is a virtual Sales Rep and Retail Store combined into one. The inventory of this Facebook Messenger BOT is updated every 24 hours eliminating the most critical question on the availability of the car that a buyer spots. The US can be easily customized to filter the data by Price, Make, Type and Millage. More sophisticated Search option based on Natural Language are also being planned.

The BOT is being rolled out to Silicon Valley based Dealerships. You can see a demo of BOT with a


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