Horse - JockeyFacebook is a wonderful horse when it comes to Lead Generation.  So it’s hard to imagine that any consumer company can not develop a successful Facebook marketing campaigns.  Well, some horse jockeys swear their experience is very different and blame Facebook for their failures. would all be wrong to make such a rash assumption.

But upon closer examination it’s clear that these jockeys are making fatal mistakes that would not work with any product let alone Facebook. With that in mind I wanted to share the secret sauce of Facebook lead conversion here:

Clear Call-to-Action: Call to Action should be very clear and pierces.  You need to determine before launching your campaign if you want your target audience to book an appointment or make a phone call.

Respond quickly: Some Facebook advertisers using Facebook Page Promotion and Ads take as much as 3-6 hours to respond to a Facebook engagement. Facebook engagement is the action that Ad viewers take such as Like, Share, Comment or a Question when they spot the ad in their News Feed This kind of slow response will chase these potential leads to your competitor who is just a click away.

Clean, Simple Landing Pages   Millennial buyers would not tolerate any more than 3 fields. After all their expectation for online shopping is not defined by Amazon’s OneClick shopping. Granted that Amazon has all of your shipping and billing info, but if you shop there long enough, you keep assuming that oneclick is all it takes to shop.

Avoid requiring any legal release or documents on your landing pages.  We discovered one Detroit Auto maker requiring a potential car buyer to sign a Legal Document on the Landing Page while attempting to book a test drive! This is indeed a cardinal since when it comes to online Conversion and is illegal in most States.

There is no need for your landing page to require an address.   Name, Email should be the ONLY thing you should require from a Facebook lead.  The rest of the demographics information including age, location, interest and shopping behavior is already available to you from Facebook.

Nurture the lead :  If you do not have a CRM in place to mange your Facebook lead, don’t bother advertising on Facebook.   Some of the Auto dealers are treating Facebook Leads as an oddity and use the page to respond to them and expect the person to buy right away.  These leads have to be entered into a CRM and nurtured like any other leads. In fact, smaller dealers without a CRM and a culture of Led Management are performing much worse due to the volume of Facebook engagement they have to manage manually.

Need to know basis: When a lead is requesting price and other information about your products, do NOT share them publicly on the Facebook message thread. There are legal implications for price commitments they should be shared privately with these interested. In fact, some States have ad guidelines on format of the ads which needs to include the price and all relevant information.

Length of Campaign: Most of the Automotive Dealers told us that they tried Facebook ads for less than 30 days before deciding to pull the plug!  This yet another mistake that advertisers make assuming that their audience will take action on the 1st time they see the ad.  In fact, there are Facebook guidelines that prevent us from showing the ad more than once to your target audience.

Retargeting: Most advertisers ignore Re-targeting features available on Facebook ads which increases the ROI and serves the ads to the folks who have previously engaged with that ad.

What do you think about Facebook Lead conversion.

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